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What is this SEO everybody is talking about?

Below is not a quick formula to get rich. It is also not as we often get on the Internet these days a promise that: if you do these things your site will end up number two or something high up in Google. It is simply a study into what this illusive SEO acronym means.

I do believe that these things are critically important in improving the visibility of your site on the web. I am sick and tired to see my site number ninety millionth on the list of twenty million results in Google. I did this study to try and prevent that from staying so.

SEO what in goodness name does this mean? And eventually I found it! It simply means Search Engine Optimization. Well I say simply but it really is not all that simple. Or is it?

I first thought this would be quite simple - and soon found that it is not. It seems to me like it is starting to become a whole science all by itself. It is massive.

Nowadays one can even get packages that assist you in your SEO efforts. Some examples are:
Axandra Internet Business Promoter (IBP) and another one is
Web CEO.

All kinds of SeoTerms were thrown at me and I thought the best would be to simply list them alphabetically and discuss each one of them in turn.


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