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To put a dash in the name of your site or not that is the question.

Should I write the name of my site as or should I rather write it

About this I read many an argument for and against but at this point in time it is really difficult to say which one is best.

I did find that in certain software the dashes causes problems so I tend to work without the dashes. If you work in Wikka Wiki for example the name is better suited. In certain blog sites I experienced problems when I hyphenated the blog name.

Others seems to think that a name with dashes in it is easier for search engines to interpret and so will rank your page higher because the keywords that you used in the name are closer to the keywords that you are using in your text.

Currently it is not really clear which one is best so it seems it depends on your personal preference. just ensure that the name works with the software you are using.

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