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It is with utter amazement that I observe the ingenuity of network marketers.

First email is discovered and everybody jumps on it – to the extent that today one sometimes feels threatened by your own inbox! So much did marketers jump onto this email bandwagon that they soon invented spam. Yes a new curse word in our society. Nobody likes spam and everything it stands for. Why? Simply because it kills the very tool we are trying to use to market our products.

And now there are quite a few new innovative tools that marketers developed to enable them to market their products without spamming. One of these brand new tools is DesktopLightning. A great new invention. I forecast that this – and other similar tools – will soon be used to a very large extent to do marketing on the internet.

How does this work? Well, in stead of an email client you now have a small DesktopLightning client installed on your desktop. This client enables the marketer to transmit messages directly onto your desktop. Hence the name: DesktopLightning. In a flash the message you sent out is displayed on the desktop of people who joined your team.

The advantages of this is really remarkable. Currently with all the anti spam laws, regulations and anti spam controls implemented by Internet authorities, and users themselves – it is very difficult for a marketer to market anything by email. (Even though opt-in email still is one of the best ways to market).

certain words trigger anti spam software that will either mark the email as spam or place it in a junk email folder – or in the worst case simply delete the email before it can even reach it’s destination. As example: a big marketing campaign was launched on My World Results

Anti spam software picked up that a large number of emails was being sent out containing My World Results and soon all emails containing that link was simply destroyed and never even reached it’s destination.

But now with DesktopLightning – it does not matter if you use the term My World Results. The message can not be blocked by anti spam email checkers because the message is not sent in the form of an email at all. Nifty hey?

I can see that this invention will grow and this and other similar inventions will soon increase in use and popularity amongst Internet marketers seeking to advertise their products.

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