Is it possible to find work on the Internet?
Yes it is - provided one keep your eyes open

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Dr Loot Gous - April 27, 2007

I am really sick and tired of earn from home ideas that are actually pay from home ideas.

This prompted me to create this website. The name says it all.
It all happens from the comfort of your own Home. Online on the Internet. It does not matter what you look like or what clothes you have to wear.
But it is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to Work. You can be your own boss. And this is maybe the most difficult part. To be able to motivate yourself. To work hard.
And then at the end of the day to earn the Riches you deserve.

I call it: Earn form home Work Online. In this site I am going to attempt to assist you to start your own business from home without you having to pay anything. This is for you to learn quickly (and for free) what took me months to learn (and cost me a small fortune).

Be weary of work from home ideas that charge you money up front. This immediately makes my hair stand on end. Why must I always pay first to be able to earn anything? If you go to work in the real world you work and they pay you and not the other way round! And yet we find many opportunities on the Internet where you have to pay first with the hope that you will earn a fortune just to find out that you are constantly at the paying end. Enough I say!

In this site you will find many ideas that will enable you to start earning money and lots of it without having to pay a single cent. But I have to live too so in-between these ideas there are some that will ask you to pay be weary of those please. If you do have the money, by all means join those programs. All I am saying to you is: you can start up without spending money first! Select those programs and you can start earning on the Internet.

But it requires work. Yes my dear that ugly little word WORK. The ideas you get on these pages can earn you money but you have to be prepared to Work it!

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Dr Loot Gous
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