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Dr Loot Gous - November 08, 2008

What? Are you crazy? This was the first thoughts that went through my mind when I read this.

FREE Traffic To Your Website? Now how is that possible? So I investigated and truly, you can actually get this system for free.

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The first thing that I like about it, of course, is that it really is totally free. You do not have to pay a thing to join this program and to stay in it. Wonderful.

The plan is a simple yet powerful one you capitalize on the idea of other people working for you. All you have to do (and I suppose for most people this is the hardest part) is to refer others to your site and get them to sign up. At least the sign up is free so that makes life much easier. At least neither you nor the site owners you refer there can lose anything but you stand a lot to gain.

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The system creates a web page for you that you can incorporate in your own site. This is done in such a way that the link of the site you want to advertise is displayed on this site as well as the links of previous members. So the more members you get to join, the more sites your link will appear on. This of course increases the ranking of your own site on search engines.

The site has a neat step by step instructions that makes it so easy even I can do it! This is a free, yet very powerful tool to market your website.

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Have Fun with Visitorbuilder!

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