How can your Website be seen by millions?
Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all know the frustration – you create the most wonderful website – just to find out nobody or only very few people ever see it!

Dr Loot Gous - May 13, 2007

In the old days – when the net was young – one could search for something and get about two pages of answers back. It was quite easy to check out all the pages that were returned to you on that subject. But today, when you search the net, on most things you get in the region of thousands (sometimes even millions) of answers back. Now there is absolutely no way that one can search through millions of answers.

What can I do to change this? How can I get my website to the top of the search engines so that people can actually see it and buy my product?

Enters the so called SEO – or Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Now of course the search engine owners are mostly not a lot of baboons. Even though some of them need to wake up and smell the roses. They also read these articles. And then they on their turn insert all kinds of new tricks to counter act everything you do to ensure that your Website is at the top of their page every time.

SEO techniques are, like most things today, constantly changing. So what works today does not necessarily work tomorrow.

For these reasons it is normally a good thing to constantly work at the SEO of your site. You can not do this once and think your site will stay at the top. This is very similar to normal business principles. If you are not growing – you are going under.

There are many techniques to improve the chances that your website will be seen. So many that one can very likely not list them all here. So I decided to start pages in my MoneyWiki at where one can constantly insert new SEO ideas.

If you know something about SEO – please feel free to insert your ideas in this MoneyWiki. If you do not know anything about SEO it will pay you to read the ideas and apply them in real life – because at the end of the day it boils down to marketing strategies. And we all know without marketing most businesses will simply die – even if they are the best businesses in the world.

Please allow me to name a few of these SEO techniques – remember: there are many more and they change from day to day.

• Uniqueness.
Search engines give preference to unique sites. Try to create new and fresh content regularly that will increase the ranking of your site. So do not think if you can duplicate the same site in a million places your site will end up on top. The search engines will filter out all the duplicates of the same content and give them a low priority so they will be listed at the bottom.
• One way links.
Getting many people to insert links to your site on their pages is also a good way to increase the popularity of your site. One way links are better than reciprocal links when attempting to get a higher ranking website.
• Articles.
Writing articles with a reference to your site in the section about the writer is another way to get many links to your site. People are constantly looking for articles and then they copy your article and the reference. Wherever they use your article a new link to your site is created. It also causes more unique content on the net.
• Outside the Box.
Thinking of other places to advertise your Website’s URL is also very important. Think about putting your website address on business cards, letter heads, flyers, television, newspaper and magazine advertisements and articles. Some people even paint their website address on their delivery vans or vehicles.
• Paid Keywords.
You can also pay search engines to put the link to your site at the top (or even on every search page) when a user search for a specific word. It is possible to pay every time the ad is shown or only when a person clicks on your link.

The list is really endless. Have a look at my MoneyWiki at to read about it and to add your ideas. The more of these ideas you use – the more visible your website will get.

To your success

Dr Loot Gous
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