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Ever Wish Books Could Talk?

Why work for a minimum wage?

Dr Loot Gous - March 5, 2011

We all work for a minimum wage until one day by sheer stroke of luck you stumble upon a method of getting out of the rut. You find a solution.

One of these solutions I found is Leisure Audio Books.

You know how I am against these programs where you have to spend before you can earn! This is one program that enables you to earn without spending anything.

The program revolves around a growing market of people listening for entertainment to music and all kinds of things.

More and more people have cellphones, PC's or laptops, radios, CD or DVD players, Ipods or other portable players, memory sticks, car audio systems, TV systems and Gaming Consoles. All these people are more and more downloading content in an audio format and listening to it.

You heard about the concerns we have about fewer and fewer people reading books. At the same time we have all these people listening to more and more devices.

And then you discover Leisure Audio books.

What have they done? They record the book in an audio format. Now you do not have to read the book you can simply listen to it!

And then it dawns on me: fewer people are reading more are listening and here is a way to get the fantastic wealth of knowledge we have encapsulated in books, brought to the masses in an audible format. A format that more and more people are using.

Here is a suggested list of places an Audio Book can be used.:
The car anytime - specially on long journeys or daily commutes.
The plane or the train or the ferry.
The gym during those boring training sessions.
The office for staff motivation.
In the class room - let your class listen to their set work.
On vacation - just lie back and listen!
The kitchen while you are cooking.
Training seminars.
Airport Lounges.
Doctor's Waiting Rooms.
The office during lunch break.
Hospitals and Hospital patients.
In you hotel room when you are away from home.
Perfect for long distance truck drivers.
Self Improvement Courses.
Personal Religion.
Group Spiritual or Religious Occasions.
Old Age Homes.
Homes for the Infirm.
Entertain the Kids or the Grandparents.
Detention Facilities.
Listen to your favorite story while Gardening or Mowing the Lawn.
Foreign Language Study.
Need a laugh or something to cheer you up?
Give an audio book as a gift or a present.

So how can this possibly result in you earning money? Here is how. You can now, without spending anything, own your own Audio Book Store.

Fantastic is it not? Everything is set up for you! The only thing you need to do is sell these Audio books and you will earn a minimum of 15% commission on all the sales you make!

All the administration is taken care of. You simply refer people to the site where they can buy an audio book and you earn a handsome commission on top of it. This is the way business on the internet should work. You work and you get paid for the work that you do. And not: you pay and some other fat cat get rich out of your hard earned money every month!

How do you get to do this? It is as simple as clicking on the banner below

sign up and start selling. This is where the work bit will come in. But even here Leisure Audio Books are supplying a wealth of knowledge on how you can go about selling the Audio books.

The top suppliers in the Leisure Audio Books stable include, but are not limited to, the following major publishers:-
BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Blackstone Audio Inc
Brilliance Audio Inc
Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Hachette Audio
Harper Collins
Listen & Live
One Voice Recordings
Orion Publishing Group
Simon & Schuster

And there is a mountain of titles available. The selection of audio books on sale covers a huge range of subjects including:-
Arts & Drama
Crime & Thrillers
Foreign Language Study
Health & Recreation
Radio Shows
Religion & Spiritual
Self Help
TV & Film

And to top it all the product delivery is on autopilot!

There is a second way that you can be earning money with Leisure Audio Books. You can also get other Internet Marketers to join. If they join on a Silver level then you get nothing. But if they decide to join on a Gold or Platinum level then you will be earning at least a recurring 15 % of the recruited member fees.

This is not a get rich quick scheme but you have the ability to earn money honestly without having to pay anything in advance.

A golden Internet Marketing and work from home opportunity.

Dr Loot Gous
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