Stealing from the rich – and giving to the poor.

Dr Loot Gous - August 26, 2007

Find out how Sheila Scofield is applying this principle in a modern day Robin Hood style of capturing the Internet traffic from the big guys and routing it to your own website. She calls it: ExitExplosion.

Stealing is actually too harsh a word. There is definitely no stealing involved. It is rather a system where the owners of high volume sites actually want you to use their traffic and route it to your own site.

Check it out. Click on the link below BECAUSE it is a most exciting concept – and it is for FREE! Join Robin Hood - of the Internet Now!

Exit Grabber Technology

How does this work? Well, she uses the Exit Grabber technology to send people who are leaving other people’s sites to an ad that pops up only when the browser wants to leave the page.

This is not an exit pop up – it is actually a before exit pop up as it shows only if the person browsing really wants to leave the page. I put it on this page so you can see how it works. Just move your cursor to the Back button – as if you want to leave the page – and you will see somebody’s ad pop up.

Displaying a Before Exit Pop Up Ad

The moment a person moves the mouse to a point in the browser – indicating that the person wants to leave the page, the Exit Grabber displays an ad to the person browsing.

Which ad is displayed? It could very well be yours! The harder you work at this – the more times it will be your ad that will be displayed.

Imagine this – a person is browsing the internet and finds one of the most browsed pages on the net. Just as the person wants to leave that page – up pops your ad!

Now why would the person put your ad on his page? Quite cleverly thought out by Sheila. Because that person wants to earn credits – so that his ad could on his turn be displayed to somebody. Every time the code on his page is executed it is counted and he gets credits for his ad in turn to be displayed.

Exponential curve

She combines this with:

"A Small Mathematical Trick That Will Multiply Your Traffic Exponentially..."

This works with a multiplier technique. How so? We all know how just multiplying by two constantly can very quickly result in a massive number. Here is an example starting with the number 2
Times 2 = 4
Times 2 = 8
Times 2 = 16
Times 2 = 32
Times 2 = 64
Times 2 = 128
Times 2 = 256
Times 2 = 512
Times 2 = 1024

So you can see where this is going. By you referring two people and each of them in turn referring two people you end up with a thousand people in level 10. And this from only referring two people. What could happen if you referred a hundred people? And this is all for free – so maybe you can?

Now if you can earn just 1 credit from every one of those people every day, you will be earning 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 + 256 + 512 + 1024 = 2046 credits per day.

Can you imagine what your business can do with two thousand additional ads per day? With a one percent response rate you can get twenty sales per day.

Well of course this means you and your whole team must work at it – it will not happen all by itself. The harder you work the more credits you will be earning.

The steps to do this are quite simple:
1 Click on the banner below and sign up for a free account
2 Create the ad you want displayed
3 Put the code on your site
4 Bring as many people as you can in under you.
5 Sit back and watch how your ad gets displayed on other people’s sites and you earn the benefits.

Quite cleverly put together.

Click on the banner below to start earning advertisements exponentially.

Kind Regards.

Dr Loot Gous
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